Shoot in the sh#t: Underexpose

Capturing sharp images in the dark is probably one of the most difficult things to do in photography.  It’s, honestly, the #1 thing that people ask me at shows.

Gear gets better all the time and we’re now able to shoot at stratospheric ISOs these days.  But I’ve been shooting in the dark using the same silly ‘ol technique since I had an old Nikon D70 that was the hottest thing in 2004.  And it only got up to ISO 1600.  That’s garbage these days.  But, hey, I got a shot of my friend Scott in a Jackson Guitars catalog with that camera.

One of my not-that-great-of-a-secret to shooting in the dark is to underexpose and shoot in raw.  This keeps my shutter speeds fast enough to capture the action in the dark.  Sure, it’ll look like shit on the back of the camera as you’re flipping through, but, if you’re shooting in raw, you can jack the exposure up later in post.