The Back Catalog

On Stage

» Food Will Win The War, Iota
» Tony macalpine, travis larson band, lonero at jammin’ java
» Luke Brindley at jammin’ java
» m.h. & his orchestra at jammin’ java
» The 10th Annual Todd Wright Christmas Claus-terf### at jammin’ java
» Luke brindley and Bobbie Allen at the jammin’ java 11th anniversary show
» The Walking sticks featuring steuart smith of the eagles. Yes, the eagles. Live at Iota
» Drumming for the song at Jammin’ Java
» Burning shadows and Yesterday’s Saints crush empire
» Songwriters circle, a johnny cash tribute at Jammin’ java
» For Mercy reunion and one voice benefit show live at Jammin’ java
» Songwriters circle, a rolling stones tribute at Jammin’ java
» cab ride home, division, A sound of thunder, Cammo shorts, yesterday’s saints, kysmet, gradius
@ ball’s bluff Tavern (…And don’t forget the shenanigans)
» Todd Wright’s 9th Annual Santa Clauster-f@%!Christmas Spectacular @ Jammin’ Java.
» burnt to ashes & transgression, memories (waldorf, MD)
» We Were Kings cd release show, jammin’ java
» Timelord, A Sound of Thunder, and Iris Divine @ Jammin’ Java.
» Deep River, the reunion
» deep river
» larkin poe
» reunion fan club cocktails!
» Dean’s big ‘ol gay birthday party featuring jimmy gnecco, the blackjacks, blackbells, the glenmont popes, the independent, and struan shields @ Jammin’ Java
» Fight The Lion, Cerca Trova, and Playground etiquette @ Jammin’ Java
» one man wölfpack at the AOL Monster Help Afterparty 2011
» Cab Ride Home go to war at ball’s bluff
» Division, acrassicauda, warbeast, krass judgement, live at jaxx
» Metalfest: Benefit for Japan
Timelord, Division, and Iris Divine
» spellborn, live at jaxx
» the artist formerly known as platform-a at mardi gras world, new orleans
» Todd wright’s 8th annual Christmas clausterf@#k at Jammin’ Java
» Mandatory Metal 3 @ The State Theater (hosted by alan): division, iris divine, a sound of thunder and scream/ruin
» deep river + jer coons, Jammin’ Java
» forbidden, Jaxx
» division, Cab ride home, a sound of thunder, Live at jaxx.
» Metal At The State Theater: timelord, king giant, croatoan, invader.
» circa survive @ Jammin’ Java
» Deep River + Marie Miller @ Jammin’ Java
» Soulcraft @ Artspace Herndon
» Base Mint @ Jimmy’s Old Town Tavern
» The Blackjacks + Fight The Lion @ Jammin’ Java
» Absolute Vengeance @ So Addicted
» One Slack Mind “The Earliest I’ve Ever Been Late” album
release show @ Jaxx
» This Day Waits @ Jaxx
» One Slack Mind, Soulcraft, & Throwdown Syndicate @ The Club House
» Division, Pagan’s Mind, & End Game @ Jaxx
» Eternal Winter, Opening for Edguy, Jaxx
» The Adrian Belew Power Trio, Jammin’ Java
» Todd Wright, Jammin’ Java
» Shane Hines Unplugged & Plugged, Nate Ihara,
& Amature Hour, Jammin’ Java
» Luke Brindley, Live at Jammin Java
» Division,& Wrecking Crew opening for Z02, Jaxx.
» Joe Stump, Michael Orlando, & Matt Mills, Jammin Java.
» Olympus Shall Burn, Absolute Vengeance, Daynovo, Live at The End Zone
» The Blackjacks, Death By Sexy, Cobra Collective at the Death By Sexy album release show at The Black Cat.
» Cab Ride Home Album Release Show at Jaxx
Slave To The Metal Tour hosted by JuliyaEmbers To Ashes, Olympus Shall Burn, Diemanic, Bitter
(sorry, I wasn’t around to photograph some of the other bands that played the show)
» Shane Hines & The TranceAlbum Release show, with Stepanian and Madi Diaz
» The Blackjacks CD Release Show with U.S. Royalty and MHR
» Iris Divine, Timelord, Brave, and Concrete Prophet at Progression of Metal I
» Todd Wright’s 6th Annual Santa Claster@#$% Christmas Spectacular at Jammin’ Java
» The Rock N’ Roll Songwriter’s Circle, Nov. 08
» Shane Hines & The Trance and Fastball, Jammin Java
» Live At Jaxx: Evick, Yesterday’s Saints, Bloodlines, Three Finger Charlie and, of course, here’s the crowd.
» Luke Brindley,
live at The Barnes At Wolftrap
» Bandazian, Steph Taylor & The State Of,& Surprise!Arizona,
Live at Jammin’ Java
» Val Emmich,& Adam Swink,
Live at Jammin’ Java
» Division,
Live at Jaxx.
» Dead Syndicate,
Live at Jaxx.
» Luke Brindley “Five Songs” EP Release Show
Live at none other than Jammin’ Java.
» Surprise! Arizona, The Blackjacks, Sarah Swanner, Live at Jammin Java.
» Luke Brindley, Live at the 9:30 Club
» The Blackjacks, DC 101 Chili Cookoff, May 08
» Bella Morte, Almost Human, Cab Ride Home, Jaxx, Apr 08
» Patti Rothberg & La Dolce Vita (Featuring Michael Imperioli from HBO’s The Sopranos)
Jammin’ Java, Apr.08
» Glen Phillips (Toad The Wet Sprocket) & Jonathan Kingham
Jammin’ Java, Apr.08
» Join The Warparty!
Arsis – Skeletonwitch – Veil of Maya – Division – Cab Ride Home – Fallen Martyr …Live at Jaxx, Mar ’08
» Emerson Hart (of Tonic), Jammin’ Java
» Hatred, OneSlackMind & Dead Syndicate, Jaxx
» Adam Swink Live At The State Theater
» BreakingForm, Live at The Rock N Roll Hotel
» Von Bondies, SSM, and Freer, Live at Jammin’ Java
» Todd Wright’s Holiday Claus-ter-@#%$! at Jammin’ Java
» My Favorite Highway & The Drugstore Cowboys, Live at Jammin Java, Nov. 07
» Rock n’ Roll Songwriters Circle, Jammin’ Java, Nov. 07
» That 1 Guy, Live At Jammin Java
» Timelord CD Release Show, with Eternal Winter, Live@Jammin’ Java
» The Chelsea Lee CD Release Show, Live@Jammin’ Java
» emmet swimming, Trustfall, Brother Shamus, Live@930
» Trustfall, Chelsea Lee & Adam Swink, Live@Jammin’ Java
» Sunday Mass For The Sinners: Testament! Division! Absolute Vengeance! Live @ Jaxx, July ’07
» The Nightwatchman, Dustin Kensrue, And The U-Liners, including the Iraq Veterans Against the War
» Adrian Belew, Jammin Java, June ’07
» Pepper’s Ghost & The Blackjacks @ Jammin Java, May’07
» One Slack Mind, Live @ Jaxx
» Chelsea Lee And Trustfall, Live at Jammin’ Java
» The Brindley Brothers, Trustfall, And Dean Fields, Live at the 9:30 Club
» The Jammin’ Java Songwriter’s Circle, February ’07
» Absolute Vengeance @ Strangeland Records
» Adam Swink And Mary Ann Redmond, Jammin Java.
» Motherlode @ Jammin’ Java
» Sons Of Odin! Metalfest @ Jammin Java, Featuring Marc Rizzo, Engage, Timelord, and Eternal Winter
» The Luke Brindley Album Release show with Amy J Sullivan and Meredith Bragg, Jammin’ Java
» Dilana, Jammin’ Java
» Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers, Jammin’ Java
» Jammin’ Java’s 5th Anniversary Show
» Rock n’ Roll Songwriters Circle IV, Jammin Java
» Division (Opening for Epica & Kamelot) @ Jaxx
» The Brindley Brothers, Peppers Ghost, Bill Deasy, Live @ the one and only Jammin Java
» The Echoes, Forty Acres, Live @ Jammin Java
» Nashville Pussy & Rye Coalition, Live @ The State Theater, Falls Church, VA
» Official, Big Daddy Chrome, & Hilarity Ensues, Live at Jammin Java
» The U-Liners w/special guests Jon Carroll and Akira Otsuka, Jerry Garcia Tribute @ Iota
» Sun & Steel Metalfest @ Jammin Java
» Brindley Brothers, CD Release Event
Jammin Java
» One Slack Mind @ Jaxx
» A Tuesday Night Apocalypse! Division, Timelord,
Into Eternity and Gamma Ray at Jaxx, Springfield
» Songwriters Circle I, Jammin’ Java
» The Nightwatchman & The U-Liners @ Jammin Java
» The Echoes @ Jammin’ Java
» The Getaway Car, Evenout, The Hint, and Honor By August at the 9:30 Club, Washington D.C.
» The Mooney Suzuki @ The Black Cat, Washington D.C.
» Metal Crusade 2006 @ Jammin’ Java
» Getaway Car @ Jammin’ Java
» The Brindley Brothers @ Jammin’ Java
» Better Than Ezra @ The Waldorf, NYC
» One Slack Mind @ SharpShooters
» Ozric Tentacles @ The State Theater
  (rare north american appearance!)
» Breakingform @ SharpShooters

Promos and Events

» almost human in the studio
» Cab ride home Promos
» Yesterday’s Saints 2.0 Promos
» fight the lion Promos
» Yesterday’s Saints Promos
» Cab Ride Home Promos
» The Blackjacks Promos
» Division Promos
» Almost Human Promos
» Halloween @ Jammin’ Java 2007!
» daniel + lindsay’s wedding
» Chelsea Lee, Promo Shots, Jammin’ Java
» Chelsea Lee, Recording at C&C Studios
» Timelord Promo Shoot II
Another few shots in preparation for the album
» The Scene At Jammin’ Java
a few shots for the venue. got vibe?
» Halloween At Jammin Java, 2006
» Luke Brindley C&C Studio Sessions, 10.21.2006
A Shadowflood exclusive look behind the scenes.
» BreakingForm 3.0 Promo/Press Session
» Timelord Promo Photography Session Project
published in the Washington Post Newspaper!
» Breakingform, “Bunch o’ Jokers”
(does ray ever smile?)
» Jammin Java Project, 10.20.2005
Just stopped in to snap the scene…