This is totally off-topic, but…

I’m not a full-time photographer. By day, I’m a graphic and web designer at AOL in the AOL Advertising marketing side of things. Great fun and always something new going on! Naturally, every graphic designer in any office in any big company anywhere in the world inevitably gets asked to Photoshop someones head into, well, various scenarios. Right? Around the office, I’ve made a name for myself by being “that guy” who does it.

It all started one evening when our CMO, Erika Nardini, pinged me an email at 8pm on a Tuesday evening. Naturally, if you get an email from a C-Suite level person at that late, you think “uh oh, a fire drill.” But, no, she asked me to give Ran Harnevo and Tal Simantov the royal treatment in preparation for a trip to Japan. Hilarious. So that’s where it started and it’s not where it ended.